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Ficus SEA Fund

Ficus SEA Fund invests in technology startups with high growth potential across Southeast Asia.

Target Sectors

Investment Phases

Our investment spans all stages of funding from Seed to IPO

Image by Izuddin Helmi Adnan


Seed | Pre-Series A


  • Great Founders

  • 18 month gestation

  • 10% - 25% equity

  • Sole Investor


Series A


  • Revenue growth

  • Scalable Business Model

  • 5% - 20% equity

  • Lead / Co-investment


Series B


  • Defensible Business

  • A clear path to profitability 

  • 1% - 10% equity

  • Co-investment

Follow on Investment

Follow on investment in at least 25% of companies invested during Seed & Pre Series A


Companies we have invested in


Eclimo is a 100% Malaysian-owned EV company, founded in June 2008 to champion our nation’s contributions towards sustainable energy, and unveil the wonder of the exciting global revolution of electric vehicles.

Assemblr, founded in July 2017, is an Indonesian AR platform striving to democratize AR usage worldwide. With a focus on business and education, they offer affordable price packages and a learning hub for teachers to incorporate AR into lessons, making AR accessible to all.


Simplify is a platform that bridges data-rich locals with data-hungry users. It operates as a marketplace within the telecom industry, allowing users to trade excess internet bandwidth from their monthly home broadband and mobile plans. 

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