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Sustainable Investing

Investment Focus

At Ficus Capital, we describe ourselves as the World's First ESG Islamic Driven Venture Capital. It is to the notion that ESG is a common practice and deeply rooted in Islamic economics and investment ethics.

Quadruple Bottom Line (QBL 4Ps)

Ficus Capital has introduced the Ficus ESG-Islamic framework, to guide companies, particularly startups and SMEs to be in compliance with the four main parameters of People, Planet, Profit, and Principle known as the Quadruple Bottom Line (QBL 4Ps).


The People perspective emphasizes the protection of life, progeny, and intellect. This entails fair labour practices, human rights, and nurturing employee capabilities for social development within the community where companies operate.


The focus on Planet involves safeguarding life and wealth, extending beyond human life to encompass the environment and natural resources. This includes reducing carbon emissions, minimizing energy consumption, and ensuring sustainable procurement practices to uphold the principles of Shariah.


The Profit aspect aligns with Islamic economic principles of fairness and justice. It encourages companies to strike a balance between short-term profits and long-term vision. It also promotes comprehensive business improvement, extending beyond financial performance to align economic goals with social and environmental objectives.


The Principle perspective centers on the protection of religion, encompassing adherence to Shariah and robust governance practices. It underscores the importance of strong internal processes within companies to maintain ethical and Shariah-compliant operations.

ESG Islamic Framework

Islamic Principles, ESG Criteria, and Sustainable Growth are all intertwined and hold significant value for SMEs and Startups.

  • Islamic Principles promote ethical and responsible behavior, including a focus on fairness, transparency, and community well-being.

  • ESG Criteria focus on ensuring that companies operate in a socially responsible and environmentally conscious manner, considering the impact of their actions on stakeholders and the environment.

  • Sustainable Growth emphasizes the long-term viability of a company by balancing economic success with environmental and social responsibility.

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